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 What Foods Do Cats Eat

Cats want acceptable foods to fuel their metabolism and keep their internal organs, tissues, skin and fur in prime condition. Human foods don't seem to be acceptable for cats, however the particular kind and quantity of food you feed your cat depends on his activity level, health wants and feeding habits.


Meat needs

In the wild, a feline diet primarily consists of meat, thus this should be a serious part of your pet's diet also. Cats are obligate carnivores, which suggests they need to eat meat. this can be as a result of cats' bodies cannot manufacture taurine, associate organic compound, in order that they need to apprehend from animal sources. Some individuals solve their pet's meat wants by feeding a raw food diet, that consists exclusively of meat. If you decide on to feed your cat a meat diet, consult a doctor for the acceptable proportion of fats, proteins and micronutrients your cat needs and forever observe safe food handling once getting ready meals for your pet.

Commercial Pet Food

Commercial cat foods are available dry, semi-moist and canned varieties. Canned cat foods a minimum of seventy five p.c water and ar primarily created of meat and meat byproducts. they have an inclination to be extremely eatable to cats, however they'll spoil if overlooked too long. Dry cat foods generally contain grains additionally to meat, in order that they last longer once overlooked. However, your cat might not realize them as appealing as canned foods. Semi-moist foods ar in between dry and canned foods in consistency and palatableness. Most industrial cat foods ar designed to satisfy all of associate adult cat's organic process wants, however you ought to rummage around for labeling on the package that indicates this. Some cat foods, particularly connoisseur canned foods, could also be supposed as occasional treats and don't seem to be acceptable for everyday feeding as a result of they lack some nutrients your cat wants.

Kitten Food

Kittens want completely different food from adult cats. till a kitten has weaned naturally, the foremost acceptable food for him is his milk. Cow's milk isn't acceptable for a kitten or cat of any age as a result of cats have a tough time digesting it. At regarding four weeks older, a kitten has to begin uptake kitten food, that is higher in supermolecule and a few vitamins and minerals than adult pet food. rummage around for kitten food certified by the yankee Association of Feed management officers, or AAFCO, to be sure that it's the amount of nutrients your kitten wants.

What each cat wants

Regardless of that food you decide on to feed, your cat should have many recent, clean water out there in any respect times. we propose putting the water faraway from the food. this can facilitate stop your cat from gulping water and air additionally to food.Make sure that your cat includes a quiet, comfy place to eat, faraway from a great deal of family confusion.And bear in mind, your cat has to visit the vet frequently. Regular visits facilitate to stay your cat happy and healthy!